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IATA´s AGM creates new opportunities for travel agents


TTG Nordic is proud to support the Travel Agent ID card Program of the International Air Transport Association – IATA. Along other industry partners TGG is offering subscription discounts for the ID card holders. For a snap shot of the ID card offers visit: www.iata.org/ps/accreditation-travel/idcard/Pages/ sponsors.aspx. Please apply for your card at www.iata.org/idcard.


IATA held its AGM in Berlin in June. The meeting has created two new opportunities for travel agents through the medium of Simplifying the Business (StB). Simplifying the Business is an industry-wide change program that began in 2004. Its objective is to lower costs and improve customer service, a program from which travel agents can greatly benefit. You can find out more about Simplifying the Business on our website: www.iata.org/whatwedo/stb/Pages/index.aspx

Automated Baggage Rules

Starting 01 April 2011 new rules will govern the carriage of interline baggage. The formula is complex and based on the fact that individual airlines will have different baggage rules. The IATA project will provide a central database for interline baggage rules, enabling airlines, travel agents, and passengers to know what baggage rules will apply for any given itinerary. Travel agents will greatly benefit from this new project as they will now be able to give their customers a clear view of the breakdown of their baggage fees when they travel on interline companies.

New E-services

Paper documents, like excess baggage tickets, tour orders, and prepaid ticket advices, still stand in the way of a smooth, seamless and paperless experience for passengers. IATA e-services will replace the various paper documents with an electronic version according to a standardized global IATA electronic, miscellaneous document (EMD). E-services will also provide travel agent’ s customers with more services. For the first time Travel Agents will be able to use Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to sell ancillary services thus adding a new resource to their revenues. Major GDSs are expected to be capable by the end of 2010.

IATA Agency & Accreditation Programs and the IATA ID Cards

The IATA IDCard for employees of accredited travel agencies (incl travel agencies with a TIDS-Code) take these programs to an individual level: Benefit from recognition, special offers and networking opportunities. Thousands of participating hotels, car rental companies, cruise lines, tourist attractions etc acknowledge the IATA IDCard program and the IDCard holder’ s competence as a travel agent and reseller. So ask you boss now to look into the IATA ID Card program and get the employee perks you deserve! Find more information and contact details for the IATA IDCard on www.iata.org/idcard


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