Home News Hurricane threatens air travel in eastern USA

Hurricane threatens air travel in eastern USA


Hurricane Joaquin continues to hammer the Bahamas
As Hurricane Joaquin hammers the Bahamas, forecasters are still unsure about where it will go next. It could strike the US east coast in the next four to five days, impacting 65 million people and causing travel delays.
Flooding is already taking place in parts of the eastern USA, such as South Carolina. Although the bulk of the hurricane may steer clear of the US, flood warnings remain in place from Jacksonville in the south to Boston in the north.
Joaquin has rapidly intensified, from a tropical storm early on Wednesday to a Category 4 hurricane now, with sustained winds of more than 200 km/h. It is the fourth strongest hurricane near the Bahamas on record, in terms of lowest pressure.
The Central Bahamas have been slammed with storm-surge flooding, up to 50 centimetres of rain and destructive winds.


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