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How US airlines may expand in the coming years


Investor blog looks at international airline expansion

A guide for investors, the Motley Fool Blog Network takes a look at the global airline industry and how several US airlines may expand over the next few years. Blogger Damon Churchwell points out several trends.

United Continental, the biggest US airline by revenue, is described as the carrier best-situated in the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific markets. It is expected to “play an even larger part on the international stage over the next several years”.

European markets are likely also to remain vital to the world economy, and “the UK, Germany, Spain, and France should still rank ahead of China in enplanements”, Churchwell says. “This means Delta ought to be in decent shape, too.”

Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines will “become a force to contend with internationally over the next decade”, with plans to launch flights on international routes from Houston in late 2015.

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