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How two friends found a lost aircraft


Two flatmates decide to try to solve a 30-year-old mystery
Last year, two American flatmates decided to try to solve a 30-year-old mystery – why Eastern Airlines Flight 980 crashed into a mountainside on the approach to La Paz airport, Bolivia, on New Year’s Day 1985.
Intrigued by the still-unsolved mystery, Dan Futrell and Isaac Stoner managed to prepare for the difficult altitudes on the mountain, with heights of up to 19,600 feet (almost 6,000 metres) and found the wreckage of the plane.
Even after such a length of time, the grim remains are still there. The accident is believed to have been the highest recorded commercial plane crash, which killed 29 people, including eight Americans.
Overcoming altitude sickness, they found wreckage strewn over a wide area, body parts, which they gave a burial and marked with GPS coordinates – and the flight data recorder.
Just weeks ago, they handed the recorder over to the US National Transportation Safety Board. A temporary BBC podcast about their discovery can be listened to here.


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