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How travel patterns will change in 2013


ITB report says urban and long-haul trips increase

According to the latest ITB World Travel Trends report, the number of trips to and from Europe is forecast to increase in 2013. Travel by northern Europeans will increase at the same level, but southern Europeans will travel less because of the financial crisis.
The effects of the economic crisis on Europe’s tourism industry are many, but the overall trend remains positive, according to the ITB World Travel Trends Report. It expects that Europeans will, on average, take several trips abroad in 2013. This year, the number of foreign trips and spending at destinations increased by around 2%.
However, European travel patterns are changing – sun-and-sea trips decreased by 1% while urban and city-break trips increased by about 14%. Short trips of one to three nights increased by 10%, while business trips abroad went up by 8%. Europeans are also travelling further – they took around 4% more long-haul trips.
For 2013, the prognosis is cautiously optimistic, with the report expecting a slight increase in the number of Europeans traveling abroad at 1-2%. Travellers from Russia are expected to increase by 9%, British by 5%, Germans by 3%. The report also says that 28% of Europeans said they would travel more next year, yet 21% will cut down on travel activity.
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