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How travel companies can use social media


Recent Facebook updates have confused companies

Facebook recently launched some updates, about which companies depending on the social media site are grumbling: the news feed is different; page posts are not reaching so many people; there seems to be a trend for companies having to buy ads to stay visible.

In a guest column in TravelMarketReport, expert Sophie Bujold stresses three points as social media trends change. “The free social media ride is slowly disappearing,” she says.

First: Don’t use Facebook instead of a website. “You’re putting your entire business in the hands of Facebook. One change on their part and your whole online presence can lose steam overnight,” she says. Better is to use social media to push traffic to your website.

Second, Facebook is not the only social media player. Other networks can also a company’s ideal client profile.

And third, companies have to remember that change is inevitable. In social media there will be updates and changes. Basic ground rules for dealing with social media, Bujold suggests, are: Focus on value; encourage engagement; and be consistent.


[pictured: New optional Facebook feature Nearby Friends; courtesy Facebook]


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