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How to survive a plane crash


BA flight training centre gives three classes a week

A half-day safety course on how to cope in an aircraft emergency is popular with frequent fliers and their companies, who pay $265 for the experience. There are up to three classes a week at British Airways’ flight training centre.

Inside a Boeing 737 cabin simulator, participants learn details such as how to brace for a crash, how to open aircraft doors and why they should not inflate life-vests inside the plane.

The key to survival is getting the right brace position, safety instructor Andy Clubb explains. Bend forward as far as possible, keeping your head down. Put your feet flat on the floor and slide them back. Your dominant hand goes on the back of your head. Protect it by putting the other hand over it, without interlocking the fingers – the bones in the stronger hand must not be broken so the seatbelt can be unbuckled.

More than 15,000 people have taken the training since 2004, and BA hopes the participants would be able to act as leaders for others to follow in the unlikely event of a crash.

The instructors say passengers should think about an emergency during the safety demo – look for the nearest exit, plus an alternative one. Check where the life-vest is and practice unbuckling the seatbelt for reflexive memory.

AP / Huffington Post

[pictured: Aftermath of controlled air crash involving no passengers; photo courtesy Discovery Channel]


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