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How to keep pace with Google for marketing


Content marketing is key for businesses as Google shifts

Travel companies must begin to think of themselves as content publishers to survive Google’s shift to a semantic search algorithm, TTG Asia reports.

“Search is the one constant tool that travellers use in every stage of the path to purchase,” said Bronwyn White, director of MyTravelResearch.com, speaking this week at the EyeforTravel Travel Distribution Summit Asia 2014.

“Semantic search is an algorithm that uses true meaning, intent and context to identify and prioritise websites with relevant content [to the user].”

Google now does this by drawing on a user’s personal information including geographical location, previous search history and social media behaviour.

Because search results are now highly personalised, “we’re no longer chasing the holy grail of page one on Google, but people who are potentially really interested in what we say and do,” White explained.

“If your content is likeable and shareable, Google says: ‘Hey! You must be an expert on your topic, we’ll trust you.’ Search engines will increase your authority ranking and will more likely present your page when users are looking for a related topic.”

When asked how travel companies should respond, White said: “You’ve got to get the basics right. So make sure your website is structured right, your Google accounts are linked, your social media profiles all have the same website address associated with your company, so there is consistency in your social signals. From there, just keep creating interesting content. Be clear about who your customer is and who you’re going to be talking to, then gear your content towards that. Create little personas.” Talking about things that are related would also provide context, she added.

TTG Asia

[pictured: Students in Sweden; photo by Sofia Sabel/imagebank.sweden.se]


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