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How to handle a bully in the travel trade


Remain above the situation; don’t confront or retaliate

Speaker, trainer, and consultant Gay Lynn Grigas illustrates how to deal with a “guest bully” at a hotel. No matter how good the hotel or travel company, or how friendly the employee, bullies are a small part of the population’s demographics, who can leave a trail of stressed people behind them. They use bad language and abusive behaviour to violate human decency.

When meeting one, in a hotel lobby or wherever the public are encountered, an employee should not take the bait so the bully can escalate the conversation and become even more explosive. Maintain inner confidence and poise.

Bullying is all about power – and not letting the bully get the upper hand. A key point is “no one has power over us unless we give it to them.”  Or, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make us feel inferior without our consent.”

Being prepared in advance will make an en counter easier to handle. Stay above the situation and do not confront or retaliate. Feel happy this person is not an acquaintance or family member.


[pictured: Tourists in Cancun; photo courtesy Expedia]


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