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How to get passengers on a plane twice as fast


Steffen Method of putting passengers by the windows first wins

Researchers say they have tested different ways for passengers to board a Boeing 757 and found the fastest. A technique called the Steffen Method, named after a young American astrophysicist who thought it through in 2008 after being stuck for a long time in a boarding queue, proved to be twice as fast as the usual way of boarding in blocks from the plane to the front.
The researchers in the UK discovered that the Steffen Method was the fastest of five methods. It involves the first passenger taking the first seat at the front on the right, the second two rows behind so that the first has room to arrange things – and so on, with each passenger being seated two rows behind the last. The same process is repeated with the middle seats, and then the aisle seats.
However, one reader comments on this story: “As most passengers leave their brains behind at check in, I am sure this won’t work. As crew, my experience of some of the utter shambles of people wandering on board in a complete daze tells me this is a no-no.”


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