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How to deal with guests who complain using social media


Hotel guests can feel all-powerful if they have social media as a weapon

Hotels increasingly have to battle against a new threat – guests who find something to criticise and use social media to tell the world. Even when the hotel has done everything to appease the angry guest, that person may then threaten to “tweet” or go to Facebook a second time if not further compensated. The guest feels intoxicated by his social media power.
According to hotel consultant Daniel Edward Craig, hotels should monitor social networks closely for any mention of their property, then act quickly and respond to all comments. To negative feedback, hotels should “always thank, apologise, explain, invite back and follow-up; no excuses and no bribes,” Craig advises. “Fight negative with positive.” If bad comments persist, the hotel should keep responding – unless the comments become abusive. Abuse on your Facebook page can be deleted if it goes too far. Hotels should also develop a social media policy if swift action is needed in the future.


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