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How to complain about an airline


Compose a letter and be brief, specific and polite

Complaining to an airline, whether it’s about lost bags, a delayed flight, or poor service, is going to happen to everyone sooner or later, USA Today suggests. The newspaper advises that in many cases the problem can be resolved politely at the airport.

If that doesn’t work, send a brief, specific and polite letter or email to the airline including flight number, frequent flier number, seat location, any employee names and cost of fare.

Among other suggestions, USA Today says, “Never say, ‘I will never fly your airline again!’, since that gives the airline no incentive to help”.

It adds: “Ask for a specific remedy – whether it is extra frequent-flier miles, a refund, or a voucher – and be reasonable.”

USA Today

[photo courtesy Copenhagen Airport]


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