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How the Swedes eat and drink on holiday


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Fine dining, fast food or crocodile and insects?
As the autumn holiday approaches – which Travellink says will see a 51% increase in the number of travellers compared with a normal autumn week – the OTA looks at how Swedes eat and drink while abroad.
Six out of every ten Swedes put on more calories than usual when on holiday, Travellink’s research says. But the outbound tourists use the occasion to test new things; insects, worms, crocodiles, even dogs and cats are on the list of dishes that Swedes say they are willing to try.
However, good food is the most important factor. Almost every third Swede chooses fine dining when on holiday, and 38% oppose visiting typical restaurant chains – the highest among all European travellers.
Travellink commissioned an international survey of 12,000 tourists in eight countries – including 1,000 Swedes – unveiling food and beverage habits when on holiday.
Every third tourist admits to eating more junk food, yet 73% always go to restaurants typical of the country they visit. Meanwhile, 61% drink more when traveling, including 46% drinking twice or more than a normal week, as opposed to 8% drinking less and just 6% eating less during the holidays.
“Swedes are the ones who most want local cuisine, and they also avoid restaurant chains more than other Europeans in the survey,” says Maryline Morini at Travellink. “Swedes and Americans are the most interested in fine dining and would like to go to restaurants that have Michelin stars.”
The strangest foods Swedes are prepared to try, according to Travellink (in brackets: how many people actually tried it):
Crocodile 30% (14%)
Snake 25% (7%)
Insects 21% (10%)
Turtle 18% (6%)
Spiders 18% (3%)
Dog 10% (3%)
Cat 8% (2%)

Top 10 countries Swedes prefer to travel to on food trips (in brackets: rating for all international travellers)
Italy (1)
France (2)
Thailand (5)
Greece (6)
Spain (4)
India (9)
Japan (8)
Mexico (3)
China (7)
USA (10)

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