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How social media can help travel companies


Social media goals can boost a brand’s online presence

Travel agents at the recent Travel Network Group conference were urged to set themselves a series of basic social media goals to boost their brand’s online presence, TTG Digital reports.

Adrian Johnson, founder and managing director of the social media agency Umpf, said agents should use social media to not only attract business and enhance their company profile, but also to keep tabs on competitors.

“Social media can give you an understanding of the wider sector, and also enable you to see what is working for your competitors. It will give you an industry benchmark to measure industry’s success,” he said. “Look at your competitors’ websites and see what you can learn from them – how can you replicate or improve on what they’re doing.”

He encouraged delegates to experiment with paid activity on social media, insisting that sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer low-cost, targeted advertising options.

“Advertising on social media can be incredibly cheap – you can do paid adverts for just a few [euros] – try and see if it works. If it does, keep going.”

He also advised agents to start their own blogs as a way of boosting their company’s presence online.

“I would definitely recommend that you start blogging – it gives your company a voice and a personality. It’s a way of promoting yourself, and generating free publicity”.

TTG Digital

[pictured: Server room at Facebook’s Prineville Data Centre; courtesy Facebook]


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