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How passengers cheat airline baggage rules


Passengers admit to wearing baggy clothes on the plane

As airlines cut allowances for bags in the cabin, most passengers can only complain. But a quarter of international passengers surveyed by Skyscanner are finding clever ways around restrictions.

Around 25% of the passengers surveyed say they wear their most voluminous clothes on the plane to free up room in their carry-on bags. And 10% say they take an extra bag to the gate in the hope of sneaking it on board.

Adding to passengers’ confusion about baggage rules is the fact that each airline sets its own regulations. Almost 90% of respondents in the survey say they want industry-wide standards for all airlines to reduce this confusion. As many as 60% admit they have been forced to pay an extra fee at the gate.

The survey quizzed 2,500 travellers in the UK, Spain, Germany and Russia in March 2014. Of the individual airlines, Skycanner says easyJet is the most restrictive about the size of carry-on bags (50x40x20cm, unlimited weight) while Iberia is the most generous (56x45x25cm, unlimited weight).

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