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How not to get in trouble on your travels


Don’t chew gum in Singapore, or take a bible to the Maldives
The world’s travel destinations have some odd rules, newspaper The Guardian writes, and business and leisure tourists would do well to remember them.
Never chew gum in Singapore, for example, or even take packs of gum into the country. Chewing it has been illegal there since 1992 and offenders face fines or caning. Trying to bring more than two packs into the country could see you charged with gum smuggling.
In Florence, never eat near churches or monuments, which is an offence and could get you fined. In Vienna, be careful of burping in public. One unfortunate resident was fined €70 recently for burping near a policeman.
Don’t take a bible (or porn) to the Maldives, which, like Saudi Arabia, has strict Islamic laws. It is an offence to import materials that are contrary to Islam. In Saudi Arabia or the UAE, don’t kiss in public, smoke e-cigarettes or have sex outside marriage.
In Barbados, camouflage clothing is against the law for anyone, even children. Only the army gets to wear it. And never sunbathe topless in Fiji, where public nudity is out of the question.
The Guardian


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