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How future of air travel could look


Future of flight looks faster, more comfortable
Virtual-reality inflight entertainment, work-friendly cabin space and supersonic flights could be among the future trends in air travel. Even flying economy could get better.
“I don’t envision any grand, over-the-top cabin and seating designs,” says Raymond Kollau, founder of Amsterdam-based research agency Airline Trends. “Certification standards are strict in the industry, budgets, in general, limited, and airlines quite conservative.”
But gradual change is coming. More airlines could follow Virgin Atlantic and Icelandair for mood lighting. Boeing’s projections concept lights up the ceiling with images of the destination or the stars in the sky (but also probably advertisements).
The flying office is also on its way, as inflight Wi-Fi could get 10 times faster. Inflight virtual reality is likely too, which tech start-ups are already rolling out on airlines such as French low-cost carrier XL Airways.
Other gimmicks being worked on include heated and cooled seats, UV rays destroying 99.9% of the bacteria in the toilets and imminent supersonic flights.


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