Home News How far will new easyJet-Emirates tie-up go?

How far will new easyJet-Emirates tie-up go?


Emirates hails “revolutionary” partnership with LCC

The UK boss of Emirates, Laurie Berryman, says that a new frequent flier partnership with the low-cost carrier easyJet is “the first time we have seen this type of link up between a long-haul airline and a low-cost carrier.” Under the partnership, members of the Middle Eastern airline’s Skywards program can redeem frequent flier miles on easyJet’s short-haul network.
However, easyJet’s chief executive, Carolyn McCall, stressed in a separate interview at WTM that the partnership was a “straightforward redemption scheme” and would not involve any further tie-ups between the two carriers. “The deal with Emirates is a commercial redemption deal. […] It is about Emirates fliers being able to use their points to buy tickets on easyJet, which Emirates will pay us for. That’s all it is. There is no codesharing, interlining, co-branding, none of that. Emirates have a lot of flyers that come into Europe and they will be able to redeem their points with easyJet to fly over Europe.”
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