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How dogs are improving life for air passengers


Canines are not just sniffing around for explosives
Dogs are becoming increasingly important to airport operations. In addition to the usual duties, such as sniffing for explosives, they are now patrolling runways and calming nervous fliers – a passenger’s best friend.
Across the United States 275 canines do security work with the Transportation Security Agency. But even more work at airports as trained therapy dogs, interacting with travellers and lowering stress levels.
At least one dog helps keep runways free of wildlife. That’s Piper, a border collie, whose job title is Wildlife Control K-9 of Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan. The seven-year-old is a social media star with over 21,000 Instagram followers.
Wearing a ski mask, earmuffs and boots to protect his feet from rocks that helicopters kick up, he checks the perimeter fence for rodent holes and patrols for birds, making flying safer. Meanwhile, police are training birds of prey to snatch drones from the skies close to runways.


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