Home News How did Lufthansa cross Atlantic with tail damage?

How did Lufthansa cross Atlantic with tail damage?


Airbus A330 damaged as tail hits ground on take-off

Germany’s air accident investigator, the BFU, is trying to figure out how a Lufthansa Airbus A330 flew across the Atlantic with damage to its rear section without passengers or crew noticing. The tail had apparently hit the ground on take-off from Chicago en route to Munich in early March.
“It seems the plane touched the ground on take-off, thus damaging the rear,” a Lufthansa spokesman commented.
Several pieces of fuselage came loose during the tail strike, but the cabin was unaffected. The damage was spotted only after landing in Munich. Incidents like this happen to German aircraft two or three times a year, investigator Lothar Mueller explained, but they rarely cause damage or danger.
[pictured: Airbus A330-300; courtesy Lufthansa]


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