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How a big hotel can still appear welcoming


“Mega-hotels” try hard not to make guests feel intimidated

Big hotels can use a variety of tricks to continue giving good service and help guests who look intimidated by the size of the property. One hotel decided to help reduce check-in desk lines with what it called “roaming lobby concierges” in an effort to answer some of the waiting guests’ questions.
Another, the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, has “lobby greeters” armed with iPads to give good directions and make efficient check-outs. It is using 30-minute deadlines for room service – despite its size of more than 5000 rooms and up to 1000 orders a day. It now has 36 check-in desks, each one tackling no more than a short line of people, and employs 370 housekeepers on its busiest days, each one taking no longer than 30 minutes to clean each room. The hotel has to deal with 100-150 items of lost-and-found items every day. It also does its own laundry – all 46 daily tons of it, employing 165 people.
The Wall Street Journal


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