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Hotels to own Small Luxury Hotels of the World


Major five-year restructuring awaits luxury brand
Major five-year restructuring awaits Small Luxury Hotels of the World, preparing the way for a GBP12 million (€15.2 million) investment into the luxury brand.
In the new structure, approved at a recent meeting, the owners of the member hotels will become shareholders in the overall company. The investment will also cover its IT infrastructure and loyalty program.
The management company now jointly owns SLH with the hotels – a portfolio that comprises 520 member properties in more than 80 countries.
The restructuring is “fantastic news to Small Luxury Hotels of the World and its members”, said Filip Boyen, Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s chief executive.
“We’ve already made great strides with our strategic plan by investing in our most expensive brand campaign to the tune of US$1m,” he said, adding that the next investment “will enable us to further drive our newly improved quality assurance program, refresh our loyalty offering and advance our technology and distribution systems.”
He concluded: “The future is optimistic for SLH and with this in place we will be better placed to provide a quality service to our member hotels, guests and the travel trade.”
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