Home News Hotels see serious competition from apartments

Hotels see serious competition from apartments


Apartments in Washington DC half the price of hotel room

A growing number of apartment options in cities around the world means that hotels are getting some serious competition. Many are available on short notice and on short lease.
A two-bedroom apartment in an upscale part of Manila, via the online rental service AirB&B, costs just US$100 a night. In Washington DC, where guests often pay $300 or more for a decent single room, apartments in or close to the downtown area can be had for half that price.
A condo known as The Gramercy, adjacent to The Pentagon City Mall has a state-of-the art fitness centre, party room with gourmet kitchen, resident lounge area and roof-top pool, as well as many first-floor amenities, parking, free phone and internet – all for half the price of a hotel room.
[pictured: The Gramercy, Washington DC; courtesy The Gramercy at Metropolitan Park]


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