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Hotels profit from new marketing tool


Retargeting chases people who look at a website but don’t book

A process called retargeting is helping hoteliers to advertise more effectively across the Internet – targeting consumers who have entered the hotel’s website but haven’t booked. One brand claims that the returns on investment are regularly between 5-1 and 10-1.
Max Starkov, president and CEO at Hospitality eBusiness Strategies: “Google’s retargeting program creates far more revenues for the hotel industry than Google Hotel Finder.”
How it works is to offer specific advertisements to consumers after they leave the website, displaying the ads when they visit other sites. The ads could offer discounted rates and promotions to lure the consumer back to book direct.
John Hach, VP of emarketing solutions for TravelClick says that retargeting “is more effective than traditional push advertising.” Andy Kauffman, VP of global ecommerce marketing at Marriott International, says: “From my standpoint, if you’re looking at how you spend your dollar, it’s an incredibly efficient way to spend your money.”
[pictured: Holiday Inn Express Changshu, China]


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