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Hotels experiment with new design prototypes


Aim is to promote a luxurious and relaxed social environment

A new era of hotel construction is about the start, Hotel Interactive reports, but this new generation of hotels will be very different. Major hotel companies are experimenting with new design prototypes and visual aesthetics.

The hotels are taking recently emerged concepts, like the social lobby and more emphasis on outdoor space, and bringing them to the centre. This is giving birth to the rise of the new construction prototype.

The trend is especially being seen in the focused service midscale segment, where owners want to get consumers to spend more money even as operational costs are reduced. The aim is to push the quality of experiences for guests, improving the ideas of a luxurious and relaxed social environment – while adding profits.

Features that are part of the trend include the lobby as a multifunctional meeting space; the replacement of the front desk with pods; hidden breakfast nooks; more textures and colours; more emphasis on how people use the room; and greater utilisation of outdoor areas.

Hotel Interactive

[pictured: Howard Johnson prototype]


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