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Hoteliers tap spa waters for new revenues


Locals come for the spa and later for other things

Guests at the upmarket new 750-square-metre Espa spa at the Joule hotel in Dallas can find hydrotherapy in the “vitality” pool, get an “experience shower” at a precise temperature and many other discoveries.

Headington Cos., the hotel’s owner, says the spa is a new revenue stream, converting locals into spa users and boosting the number of hotel guests.

“We are comfortable that the public will embrace it if we’re able to execute”, Michael Tregoning, Headington’s chief financial officer says. “If they come for the spa, my guess is they will come back for other things. That really is the goal.”

There were 19,960 spas in operation in the USA at the end of 2012, up from 4,140 in 1999, according to the International Spa Association – a growth rate of 382%.

The growth of spas at hotels has not been as fast, rising by around 50% in the US between 2002 and 2012 to 1,750 locations.

“As we look at our growth in the future, a spa is a big component of what we view as an [important] amenity to our guests,” says Jon Hunter, vice president of operations at Omni Hotels & Resorts. “In today’s world, guests that come to a destination or a large convention hotel […] expect that there’s a spa experience. A spa is very much at the forefront of what we look for and plan for when we are looking at either a potential acquisition or future construction.”

Dallas News

[pictured: Joule Hotel, Dallas]


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