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Hoteliers shouldn’t fear bad reviews, but use them


Online reviews provide valuable feedback, TripAdvisor director says
Travel companies should not worry about getting bad reviews online, as reviews often provide valuable feedback, a TripAdvisor director advises.
“A bad review isn’t wrong. This is something that comes up quite a lot, with people saying ‘someone left a bad review about my property’” Justin Reid, head of destination management organisations at TripAdvisor, tells TTG Digital.
Instead of reacting negatively, Reid suggests looking honestly at some of the points raised, as this is “sometimes free customer research.”
Reid tells a story about hotel giant Marriott to illustrate his point. He said the company was thinking about spending millions to replace all of its bed linen, but when it looked into the feedback, what most people wanted was better Wi-Fi.
“There wasn’t a single complaint about the bed linen, but there were multiple, multiple, multiple complaints about the speed of their Wi-Fi. So instead of invest millions in the bed linen they actually looked at what the customers were saying and invested in their Wi-Fi.”
TTG Digital


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