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Hoteliers fight trend of smaller meetings


Meeting planners aim for shorter and smaller meetings

While the number of meetings taking place at hotels remains high, one trend hoteliers are seeing as the economy remains unpredictable is that meeting planners are aiming for shorter and smaller meetings. The leaves hoteliers having to adapt by creating new strategies to fight against the inevitable losses in revenue. GMs say that meetings and events are smaller, with fewer room blocks, and less elaborate.
One technique hotels can use, which works best with bigger groups, is to make rates more attractive on shoulder days to get attendees to extend their stays at the start or end of their business trips.
Another trend is that booking windows for groups are getting shorter, forcing hotel employees to be quicker on their feet. This is tough from an operations standpoint. The economic downturn has led meeting planners to assume there is more availability and that they can still get a good deal if they wait later.
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