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Hotel service becoming “digital concept”


Mobile devices and radio signals transform hotels



Hotels around the world are using new advances in technology to improve, personalise or speed up their services. Guests are increasingly able to read food and drinks menus using table-top touch screens, for example, or access international newspapers on their mobile devices using the Wi-Fi network.
In this way, hotels are “using technology as a substitute for human hospitality”, in the words of The New York Times. iPad packed with maps and suggestions are replacing the personal recommendations of staff at the front desk. In the guestrooms, hand-held devices can control television, blinds and room temperature, replacing the role of the bellman who would describe how these features work. Service is becoming a “digital concept”.
Meanwhile, employees are managing inventory by stitching small radio frequency ID tags into towels and sheets and other items. These transmit radio waves to the laundry cart showing how many need to be replaced.
The New York Times
[pictured: W Hotel London]


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