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Hotel planned with experimental green technology


Ferris wheel would convert wind and water into electricity
Rotterdam is already known for its experimental green technology and avant-garde architecture. Now a ferris wheel-windmill-hotel is planned, which will really attract international attention to the city.
The Dutch Windwheel would in fact have two rings – an outer ring with a 174-metre tall ferris wheel with 40 cabins that go under the water, and an inner ring with a 160-room hotel, 72 apartments, restaurant, and panoramic balcony.
At the centre would be a “windmill” converting wind into electricity using bladeless technology called Ewicon, which sprays water at an electric field to generate energy. The idea is that the windmill creates enough power for the hotel.
But the concept needs more work by architects Doepel Strijkers and the Dutch Windwheel Corporation before it can become reality.


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