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Hotel guests expect Wi-Fi – and for free


New survey reveals consumer views on Wi-Fi availability and costs

Three-quarters of hotel guests who regularly use Wi-Fi facilities when travelling say they want capped free WiFi access rather than charged-for options that promise better connection speeds and reliability. This is one of the findings of a new survey by UK research company Mystery Dining Company, which also confirms that the availability of Wi-Fi is an important factor for at least eight out of every ten consumers when choosing where to stay.
Respondents were asked if they preferred a less reliable, slower connection offered for free with a capped limit or more reliable WiFi charged either by time or download usage, and 76% said they favoured the former. And 99% of respondents said that if they paid the equivalent of €120 or more for their room, then they would automatically expect free WiFi access.
Smaller hotels may benefit from another of the report’s findings, that 78% of respondents said they would be willing to visit a dedicated “Free WiFi Zone” within a hotel if it meant access to a more reliable and faster service.
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