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Hotel giant urges guests to tip housekeepers


Marriott wants guests to give as part of campaign

Marriott International wants to give its housekeepers a raise, by putting envelopes in guest rooms for customers to tip the hardworking employees. From this week, the Envelope Please campaign goes live in a number of the company’s hotels, in cooperation with the non-profit organisation A Woman’s Nation.

Too often women are “in positions that we forget to acknowledge,” Arne Sorenson, chief executive and president of a Bethesda-based Marriott, said. “In a hotel, obviously we tip the bellman or wait staff. But often we don’t see our housekeepers. We don’t have that personal interaction, so we just don’t think about it.”

Trade body American Hotel and Lodging Association suggests tipping housekeepers between $1 and $5 per night. It recommends tipping daily, not at the end of a stay, to ensure the cash goes to the person cleaning up each day.

At Marriott, housekeepers make up the largest group of employees – more than 20,000 positions in the United States and Canada.

Washington Post

[photo courtesy Marriott International]


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