Home News Hotel chain uses ballet dancers to train staff

Hotel chain uses ballet dancers to train staff


JW Marriott turns to Joffrey Ballet to elevate service

An elite ballet company is advising the personnel at a chain of luxury hotel properties on how to move with grace in front of hotel guests.

The JW Marriott chain is teaming up with the Chicago-based Joffrey Ballet for a new program called Poise and Grace, a service training program based on the precise practice techniques used by professional dancers.

The dancers star in four new videos that enhance aspects of service techniques that the JW Marriott chain is urging its staff to use to impress hotel guests.

The videos reveal the value of warm-up exercises, proper breathing, flow of movement and connecting to the audience, with eye contact, specific gestures, confidence and discipline.

Chicago Business Journal

[photo courtesy Joffrey Ballet]


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