Home News Hostile security and visas hold back travel to US

Hostile security and visas hold back travel to US


Marketing campaign aims to stop tourists from going elsewhere

Visas that are time-consuming to get hold of and overly suspicious airport security are factors that are continuing to hold back tourist visits to the USA. Aiming to change these perceptions is a new multi-million-dollar, public-private international campaign reaching out to tourists around the world. It includes a commercial with song by country singer Rosanne Cash who sings, “It’s closer than it seems, come find your land of dreams” as scenes of major US tourist attractions are shown onscreen.
But incoming industry experts say that easing travel difficulties is also critical – including making airport security and immigration more welcoming. “We’re still stuck in a war-on-terror mindset,” says one. The process of obtaining a US visa is also criticised as being too expensive and time-consuming.
[pictured: Golden Gate Bridge, in vicinity of InterContinental San Francisco; courtesy IHG]


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