Home News Hostage drama on Lufthansa aircraft

Hostage drama on Lufthansa aircraft


Failed asylum seeker takes flight attendant hostage

A 28-year-old passenger from Kosovo has surrendered to police after taking a flight attendant hostage with a razor blade on a Lufthansa aircraft on Tuesday.

The 50-year-old flight attendant suffered several cuts after the male passenger put her in a headlock holding the blade to her throat minutes after take-off from Munich airport on a flight to Budapest.

When other crew tried to intervene, he locked himself in a toilet with the attendant. The pilot returned to the airport.

The plane was carrying 76 passengers. They disembarked leaving only the flight attendant, pilots and the Kosovo man on board. Police persuaded the man, whose petition for asylum in Germany had been rejected, to surrender.


[pictured: Airbus A330-300; courtesy Lufthansa]


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