Home News Holiday rental in Sweden becomes “temporary brothel”

Holiday rental in Sweden becomes “temporary brothel”


Homeowners find pubic hair and plastic bag of used condoms

Two women who rented their private apartment in Stockholm for four weeks through Airbnb – an online service matching people who want vacation rentals with people renting apartments – returned to discover that their home had allegedly been used as a “temporary brothel”. They found a note in the mail from the city’s police saying that their home had been raided and that two call girls had been caught performing sexual acts with clients. The prostitutes were already under police surveillance before renting the apartment for the period. The two homeowners also found pubic hair and a plastic bag of used condoms.
Airbnb has over 200,000 listings in 26,000 cities and 192 countries, including private rooms, apartments, castles, private islands, tree houses and unique properties.


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