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Hitting the road for a greener world


Design Hotels™ kick-starts its sustainability program with EarthCheck

Berlin, March 12, 2012 – Design Hotels™ announces the launch of its global sustainability program in partnership with EC3 Global, the industry leaders in environmental practices and Finding Infinity, an organization employing grass-roots initiatives to promote the use of renewable energy sources. In order to really make an eco-dent, Design Hotels™ believes the process must start at the micro level and then touch all areas of hospitality operations. To kick-start the association, Design Hotels™ member properties in Mexico will be the first to benefit from EC3 Global’s EarthCheck survey during Finding Infinity’s expedition throughout the country.

Touring cities and towns around Mexico on a motorcycle powered by recycled vegetable oil, Finding Infinity’s initiative aims to help change the way people use energy resources, and encourage societies to be self-sufficient. They will conduct interviews at conventional energy plants, visit low-income homes, schools and communities, and set up OFF the GRID events, which are powered using solely renewable energy. During the expedition an EarthCheck survey will be conducted at Grupo Habita hotels from Mexico City to Veracruz. Catch up on the action with regular video updates on www.madebyoriginals.com/stories/finding-infinity!

Design Hotels™ is committed to focusing on creativity within its environmental footprint and to setting a new benchmark in global best practices in sustainable operations. Founder and CEO, Claus Sendlinger says, “Sustainability will not be siloed in our organization; it will influence all our operations and services, extended to our portfolio of member hotels and their communities.” Firm believers in the neighborhood approach, the brand is convinced sustainability needs to permeate into a community as a way of living and become a point of pride. Providing destinations and experiences to responsible global travelers is the only way forward.

It is with this vision in mind that Design Hotels™ further establishes its leadership role moving forward with EarthCheck, EC3 Global’s benchmarking tool which is already credited with helping more than 1,300 organizations in over 70 countries to reduce their consumption of natural resources and protect the environment on a neighborhood level. “We are thrilled to announce this long term partnership,” says EC3 Global’s CEO, Stewart Moore. “Design Hotels is an inspirational brand and service provider, who has recognized that by working with EC3 Global they will achieve long-lasting financial and strategic benefits, both for their own operation and their member properties. EarthCheck will help them address risk, meet future compliance requirements and map the company’s carbon and water footprint.” All while building the asset value of the offering and re-booting the community.



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