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Hitit presents its vision on airline distribution in the Uber age


Hitit Infrastructure and Operations Director Semra Kandemir spoke at APG’s conference World Connect about innovative airline distribution. Key issues of her speech were behavioral targeting, personalization and facilitated booking through NDC and One order. APG Network and Hitit partnered four year ago. APG Network is one of the major airline distribution service providers with more than 100 offices on six continents covering over 170 countries.

Semra Kandemir, Infrastructure and Operations Director of Hitit presented the company’s view on “Airline Distribution in the Uber Age”. Mrs. Kandemir said: “Airline distribution has made a significant development in the 1950s, when software reservation systems gradually developed. There has been a great acceleration of evolution from computer reservation systems (CRS) to global distribution systems (GDS) and from indirect sales channels to direct sales channels in the airline IT sector. Today, the increase in the number of Low Cost Airlines (LCC) and the fact that full service airlines compete with LCCs have changed the balances in favor of LCC in the last decade.”

Mrs. Kandemir explained that the increase in the number of LCC and the competition of LCCs with full-service airlines have changed the LCC favorable balance in the past decade. “This competitive environment has reached the point where airlines have offered personalized flight experiences to passengers. Within these framework, the importance of PSS and CRM software that can provide personalization and special user experiences has increased with segmentation among passengers.”

Kandemir has a degree in Engineering in Electronics and worked for Turkish Airlines between 1992 and 2009. In 2009 she joined the construction team of the Sabiha Gokcen Airport in Istanbul and in 2013 she moved to Hitit as Infrastructure and Operations Director.

APG World Connect is a well established conference for top airline and travel agent executives, air transport professionals and APG members worldwide. Hitit exhibited at the conference and supported as a gold sponsor.

Founded in 1994, Hitit CS is a provider of new generation airline, airport and travel industry software products and services that support the most complicated and demanding needs of fast growing industry players. While Crane PAX/DCS address reservation, ticketing, check-in, departure control and loyalty management needs, Crane RA, Crane CA, Crane SP, Crane OCC, Crane CREW and Crane ALM address, respectively, revenue accounting, cost accounting, schedule planning, operation control, crew management and tour operator/charter management services. Renowned for its close partnership with its customers, Hitit receives excellent reception for its products and services as well as its excellent customer care.


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