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Hike across Madagascar promotes tourism


“Parts of the forest we intend to cross have never been explored”

A team will attempt to walk across Madagascar, the world’s fourth biggest island, in May to promote tourism in the impoverished nation. In what has been described as “the first recorded attempt at crossing the island completely on foot from coast to coast”, the team will trek through coastal plains, remote hillside villages, swamps, jungles and rocky plateaus, and in the process see some of Madagascar’s huge array of wildlife. The team will also climb to the summit of Mount Maromokotro, the island’s highest peak.
“It is going to be a real challenge. We will be walking up to 30 kilometres a day, carrying most of our own gear through all sorts of environments,” Ali Wilde, expedition organiser, said of the journey. “In fact, parts of the forest that we intend to cross have never been explored and there are no trails, so all team members will have to get involved in cutting paths.”
He added: “It will be an opportunity to see Madagascar before deforestation destroys forever the unique wildlife and scenery of this incredible island.”
The British-led venture will include French, Egyptian, American and Canadian team members and the expedition is being organised by the “pioneering expeditionary company” Secret Compass.
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[pictured: Rainforest in Madagascar; photo by Didier Mauro]


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