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High-tech helps hotels with multilingual support


Guests choose from multiple languages on in-room tablets

While English is a popular international language, many loyal hotel customers from other countries do not want to be forced to speak someone else’s mother tongue. To counter this, according to Asian hotel booking site agoda.com, some hotels are now starting to use high-tech systems to offer multilingual support.
For instance, the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong recently completed a HK$450 million (€45 million) renovation project that included custom-built in-room technology systems. Guests can use the room’s interactive tablets to choose from multiple languages, and all in-room systems are then synced to their choice.
Another way to make guests feel at home in their room is to let them read their favourite home news source. The Park Hyatt Hotel in Seoul offers an app with more than 2,300 newspapers from around the world for guests to stay connected with their local market and read their favourite columns.
[pictured: Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong]


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