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High-speed trains between China and USA?


One of four proposals for cross-border rail projects

China is thinking about building a high-speed railway line between the capital Beijing and the east coast of the United States, official Chinese media are reporting. The line, which is being called the China-Russia-Canada-America line, would be 13,000 kilometres in length.

From Beijing the line would head north through Siberia, go under the Bering Strait to Alaska and then reach south via Canada to the US. It would take a train two days to make the trip if it kept up an average speed of 350km/h.

“We’re already in discussions,” Wang Meng-shu, a railway expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said. “Russia has already been thinking about this for many years.”

The proposed line would be around 3,000 kilometres longer than the Trans-Siberian Railway. Around 200 kilometres would be under the water in the Bering Strait, which is four times longer than the Eurotunnel.

It is one of four proposals for massive cross-border rail projects. The others: Kunming to Singapore; Urumqi to Germany via Central Asia; and to London, via Kiev and Moscow.


[pictured: Bombardier high-speed train]


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