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High-speed rail to link Copenhagen and Oslo?


Scandinavian 8 Million City project gathers support

An ambitious project is investigating the idea of linking Denmark, Sweden and Norway by high-speed train. The “colossal Scandinavian project”, as the Copenhagen Post describes it, would connect Copenhagen and Oslo via Malmö and Gothenburg, and possibly also Germany.

The body behind the project, Scandinavian 8 Million City, claims it would make Scandinavia more competitive on the global stage. It would connect around eight million people living in the area. More city councils and municipalities along the route are expressing their support.

“The Scandinavian cities and regions are individually too small to compete in the global market. Attracting competence and qualified labour demands a large population,” Floire Nathanael Daub, a project manager for Scandinavian 8 Million City, told the newspaper Metroxpress. “The north’s most populous area is found in the corridor between Oslo and Copenhagen.”

The EU-supported project has been at the planning phase since 2011, but its organisers hope high-speed rail link could be ready by 2025. It would cut journey times for the Copenhagen-Oslo 600km trip to just 2.5 hours, down from the current eight hours, and up to 9 million passengers could use it per year. The Copenhagen-Oslo connection would also be extended to Germany via the Femern Bridge, expected to be completed by 2021.

Copenhagen Post / Metroxpress

[pictured: Bombardier high-speed train]


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