Home News High-speed rail is the future for US travel

High-speed rail is the future for US travel


Obama administration sets aside $10 billion budget for rail lines

High-speed rail is the future for travel throughout the USA, and this will also make the country more attractive to foreign as well as domestic tourists. That was the message presented by US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood at a recent conference of travel and tourism industry leaders. The Obama administration has set aside $10 billion to invest in the creation of high-speed rail networks to connect US cities within the next 25 years. Key rail corridors will include Boston-Washington, Chicago-Detroit and Los Angeles-Las Vegas. Connectivity to air and other modes of passenger transport will be seamless.
Republicans in some of the states that will benefit are against the proposals, however, and are refusing to accept the federal funds earmarked for the project.
[pictured: JR East E5 Series Shinkansen Set U3 approaching Omiya Station, Japan; Creative Commons license]


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