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Helsinki Airport involves passengers in developing more enjoyable security checks


Finavia is currently testing a totally new kind of security check at Helsinki Airport for a smooth, friendly and enjoyable customer experience. The pilot line, which opened in Terminal 1 in April, has a service design that makes for more convenient and faster travelling.

The newly designed security check line, which opened in April, feels and looks different. In addition to smoother and better service, the implementation of the pilot line also emphasises an improved external setting and advance communication. This is believed to increase knowledge, and thus decrease the amount of stress caused by a lack of information.
“Although the security check already looks new at the moment, it is still in progress. We want to involve passengers and employees in development work. Developing the security check process in cooperation with customers is unique at the global level,” says Juha Vasko, Service Development Manager at Finavia.
At the moment, experiences and additional ideas are being compiled from the security check pilot line, and they will be used as the basis for further developing the service prior to a more extensive introduction. Customers and employees are requested to submit feedback via the security checkpoint and social media.
Mr Vasko says that security checks are a compulsory formality throughout the world, and passengers must pass through it before departure. Security checks are subject to strict international regulations. It is not surprising that customers find it difficult and even unpleasant.
Finavia’s goal is to change this. Finavia wants to transform the compulsory check into a service that passengers can enjoy when implemented optimally. When the service is successful, it will also constitute an important advantage for Helsinki Airport in terms of standing out from other airports and strengthening its position as a popular transit airport.
Before this, the main emphasis for security check development was to shorten the queuing times. By changing the processes and ways of action, the security check waiting time is now an average of five to ten minutes.
“The airport is an environment where there are hundreds of different nationalities, dozens of languages and several different cultures. Therefore, we have invested in training for the security staff and visual information that is optimally universal,” says Mr. Vasko.
The service design of the security check is part of Finavia’s main partnership with World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 and one of the design year projects executed at Helsinki Airport.
Smooth security checks are particularly important at Helsinki Airport due to the large number of passengers and the transit airport strategy, but experiences obtained from the project will also be utilised in the development work of all Finavia airports.


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