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Head to St Lucia this winter


We are now well into the Fall equinox but from the looks of things Winter has merged to an early start. Prepare yourself for the sun and put in your vacation dates at work.

I am sure everyone would prefer to sink their feet in the sand than in endless feet of snow! Instead of stocking up with lotion to moisturize your dried out skin from the cold, pack up some suntan lotion and head to the beach.

No need to worry about gearing up with countless under garments when you step outside, just grab your shorts, swim suit, flip flops and make the Caribbean or the suggested island of St Lucia, your winter getaway. A place where the sun never stops for a break from shinning and the cold winds never blows in this direction!

But before you pack your bags, be sure to find yourself a st lucia vacation villa, one you will not regret booking. Gather some of your friends, while you are at it. The trip becomes much more exciting when there is company involved. A private pool always makes it a bit more fun but if you are a single person or couple in a smaller St.Lucia villa, the beach is always the best option.

Some companies currently have a few great deals and promotions! For instance, one offered by Gateway St lucia villas is free airport pick up and drop off to anyone who books one of their beautiful villas. I am sure that would save any vacationer on the island a great deal since transportation from the airport to any accommodation in the north ranges from $80.00 USD to $120.00 USD each way. So go ahead and do some research, guarantee your st lucia vacation will create a pleasant, lasting memory.


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