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Have you prepared for the Christmas holidays?

Christmas is approaching and many will be travelling by air – here are some of our travel tips and packages.
Christmas traffic at Avinor Oslo Airport really got going this week, with high amounts of traffic today that will extend well into next week. The combined effects of Christmas and trial operation at Oslo Airport means that passengers should switch off their auto pilots and pay special attention to all signs.
“Christmas holidays involves many people with a lot of baggage. What is different this year is that many passengers will be travelling from a new and almost twice as spacious Oslo Airport. This means that you have to be extra attentive and follow the signs”, says head of communications Joachim Westher Andersen.
Travel without stress
Some simple precautions will let passengers enjoy a better start to their holidays and avoid stressing to reach their flight.
“By and large, this is about starting your travel as you step out through your front door. Give yourself enough time from leaving home until you sit on the plane, pack your baggage correctly and make sure to bring along all travel documents, explains Andersen.
Be prepared for the security check
“We also recommend you to prepare for the security check. Remove belts and take out tablets and PCs from the travel bag. Small precautions such as these may help the security check run more smoothly, both for you and those behind you in line.
For passengers with children, Oslo Airport has a dedicated family lane at the security check. Look for the “Felix & Fiona” aircraft at the centre of the security check, and follow the marks on the ground. The child gate can be used by all passengers travelling with children under the age of 12.
Travel in periods with low traffic
The amount of people in the terminal at the main airport will vary according to the time of day. You may want to avoid the worst traffic peaks if you have yet to book a ticket.
“We see a reduction of traffic at midday and in the evening. After 22:00 and towards midnight, traffic also goes down significantly”, says Andersen.


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