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Harrison Ford flies plane over Boeing 737


Actor mistakenly lands on taxiway at major airport
The famous actor Harrison Ford, known for being a spacecraft pilot in the Star Wars movies, mistakenly landed on a taxiway instead of a runway at a California airport, narrowly missing a 737.
Ford, 74, a keen pilot and collector of vintage planes, had been cleared to land on Monday at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, and correctly read back the instructions.
But he landed his private aircraft, a single-engine Aviat Husky, on a taxiway parallel to the runway – flying directly over an American Airlines Boeing 737 with 110 passengers and six crew inside.
Ford asked air traffic control, “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?”
The actor has been involved in four piloting incidents since 1999. The most recent was in March 2015 when he was injured when his World War II-era training plane crashed onto a golf course after taking off from Santa Monica Airport.
Following the latest incident, an official warned that pilots who violate agency regulations could have their licenses suspended or revoked.
NBC / The New York Times


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