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Hard times ahead for national airlines


ITB Berlin survey: airlines offering value will do well

Value for money matters most when customers choose a particular airline. This was the answer given by 70% of the CEO Management Panel at ITB Berlin in a survey of exhibitors and business partners carried out by the market research company Trendscope and ITB Berlin, which is due out every month as of now.
For 63% of those polled, the second most important factors when choosing an airline were the departure airport and choice of flight times, while 37% said they only booked flights with a certain airline. For 24% it was important that the airline operated modern aircraft. Customer loyalty to home carriers plays an insignificant role – only 9% preferred to book flights with their national airline.
“Worldwide, airlines are competing with each other in a hotly contested market,” Dr Martin Buck, director of the Competence Centre Travel & Logistics at Messe Berlin, said. “Customers reward airlines that offer transparent services and good value for money with their loyalty because they feel they are being treated well. If a national carrier is unable to fulfil those demands then it loses its emotional bond with the customer.”
However, the advantages of a frequent flyer program are also among the reasons for choosing an airline, this mattering to 42% in the survey, while 36% were divided over whether such programs were important and 22% said they did not influence their booking choice.
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