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Harare; the avail to one’s curiosity


The world is full of places with unique features enticing anyone to step in physically and see them for themselves, but when it comes to Harare, it’s better to say you catch your flights to Harare in order to come in person to interact with our social environment, just for getting to know the friendliness of our people.

Out there on the streets, or on the sidewalks, you’ll see a humble audience time and again stationary to give their fair share of attention on street performers, public entertainers varying from dancers to circus-based stunts which are always appreciated and encouraged with a collective wave of clapping from the crowd.

Harare has been adjusted with Zimbabwe’s iconic experience of the wilderness contributed through game parks and resorts like the Harare Safari Lodge. The lodge provides a scenic view over the entire region while located facing the shores of Lake Chavero, with Zebra occasionally meandering the surrounding plains. Water sports like Jet skiing, sailing and fishing are available on the lake. Your wildlife travels would meet the trail you’re seeking in Africa as safari tours are conducted on the local Lion and Cheetah parks having big game like impalas and blesboks. Certainly, you’ll feel satisfied you chose your tickets to Zimbabwe after experiencing the right blend of nature and luxury combined.

The awe over the extent to which man’s hands can forge from mere stone can only be made possible by paying a visit to the Ruwa sculpture gallery. There are sculptures varying from depicting the demographic culture involving locals busy in their routine simple way of life while pieces of art, shaped like the wildlife housed in Zimbabwe, are placed outdoors to conform along with their respective habitats.

The Mbare market is the main reason why most tourists apply for extra luggage on their flights back home. Located in the densely populated suburbs of Harare, this market is functioning with a large attendance of craftsmen and home-based workers presenting their artefacts for sale as well as farmers with their daily fresh produce of fruits and vegetables.

The staple Zimbabwean diet is consistent of mostly meat, with multiple meat specialities in the cuisine available in almost all of eateries here at Harare. However, owing to the influx of foreigners there are restaurants which have provided vegetarian dishes for ample facilitation of customers. The diversity in the ambience of restaurants is large, with colonial-era buildings as well modernistic cafe lounges offering continental, Indian, Italian and Ethiopian food. They do have a sense of value for their customers; live musicals are a routine matter with certain days of the week scheduled to provide specialities.

Your tour to Harare will be completely economical considering the airfare having reasonable rates; Ethiopian airlines are offering cheap flights from Heathrow airport to Harare for £622. Other airlines alongside Ethiopian include Egypt Air, Kenya airways, Qatar Airways and Emirates. TravelHouseUK will remain your premium support in choosing the best for your transit to Zimbabwe.


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