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Hamburg Airport evacuated as toxin spreads


Over 60 injured after passenger discards pepper spray
More than 60 people were injured and hundreds evacuated from Hamburg Airport on Sunday afternoon after an irritant gas circulated through the air-conditioning system. Air traffic was stopped for more than an hour.
A terrorist attack was quickly ruled out, with emergency services saying the toxin was likely to have been pepper spray leaking from a cartridge that a passenger had placed in a bin by the security gates.
Passengers started complaining about breathing problems and burning eyes shortly after midday. Firefighters and ambulance crews told passengers to leave the airport building and wait outside in sub-zero temperatures.
At least 68 people needed medical care and nine were taken to hospital. Air traffic was stopped from 12:31 to 13:45, with several aircraft having to circle above the city. Two flights were diverted to Bremen.
The Guardian


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